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"Bridget Manley Mayer has special skills for helping couples, ones you won't readily find in the community.  She is warm and firm, hopeful and realistic, insightful and also respectful of what people already know.  She can help committed couples make their marriages joyful again in couples therapy, and she can help couples on the brink of divorce find the right path for their relationship in discernment counseling.  I would send a loved one to Bridget, and I can't say that about many therapists."


- William Doherty, Ph.D., is a Professor and past Director of the Marriage and Family Therapy Program at the University of Minnesota, where he now directs the Minnesota Couples on the Brink Project.


"Bridget is someone I would send a family member to. As a marriage and family therapist myself this is my personal litmus test for how good of a therapist someone is. I've sent several close friends to her and they have all thanked me for doing so. They tell me that Bridget is the best therapist they've ever had. I never doubted it." 


- Steven M. Harris PhD, LMFT

"I feel so grateful to Bridget Mayer for honestly, without her, my husband and I would likely have divorced.

I did not want to go and see her; precious counselors had only skimmed the surface of our relationship, and left me feeling hopeless about resolving our differences.

The process of discernment made the difference. I felt heard and supported and gained new insights into my individual patterns for which I was responsible.

During a really frightening time in our lives, visits with her became an anchor. I looked forward to seeing her. I was honest with her, and felt that she respected my experience of our marriage.  She gave both me and my husband skills to listen to each other and remain together. Thanks to Bridget, staying together was neither a defeat nor sacrifice, but the best choice I have made."

- JM from West Suburbs of Twin Cities

"My husband and I reached out to Bridget after 19 years of marriage.  We were broken, and if I’m honest - I feared we were already too late. Over the course of several months - we showed up every week for our sessions. Sometimes we were in the same car, and sometimes we couldn’t even stand to drive there together.  It was a very difficult time in our lives.  What I liked about working with Bridget was her ability to connect not just with me - but also with my husband, who is much more introverted and private.  She was trustworthy, strong and empathetic.  But she still called us on our ‘stuff’. She stuck with us when we got angry, loud, sad, sarcastic. She patiently waded through the years of unhealthy communication habits to uncover the true connection we had with each other. And she helped us learn new patterns and techniques to work together.  We are, without a doubt, better today than we ever were before.  We just celebrated our 22nd anniversary and are looking forward to the next chapter in our lives. I highly recommend Bridget to any couple willing to do the work. It is WORTH it."


- MA from Minnetonka

"Bridget took the time to really understand our issues in our marriage.  She worked closely with us and taught us strategies that have enabled us to work more positively through difficult times.  We no longer build up the walls and divisions between us like we once did.  This has lead to many fewer breakdowns in our relationship and much greater success and happiness in our marriage."

- MA from Minnetonka

"Bridget, Hey - it's been a while (3 years plus or minus).  Brief update, I¹m a divorced dad of 3 children.  As you recall my now ex-spouse and I had worked with you some time ago.  While it didn¹t save our marriage, it was one of the most personally worthwhile things I have done. I learned a lot about myself and how things came to be in my marriage." 

- LD from Stillwater

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